Tecanno GmbH

Technology meets design

The name Tecanno stands for an exclusive collection of air vents for building, office and private room ventilation.

A clear language of form, focus on the essentials and a high level of functionality in conjunction with high production quality is our philosophy. Our air outlets are designed for use with both supply and exhaust air. We have developed inserts for air regulation and air filtering especially for our air vents. The system remains hidden behind the vent cover. Our air vents are manufactured in Germany using high quality sheet steel.

We aim for top high-class workmanship – from development and production to shipping.

Air means life. Breathing is an exchange.

The optimal exchange of air is essential for an excellent indoor climate. Controlled living space ventilation is a system for the efficient supply and elimination of air in buildings. Both air outlets and ventilation unit technology are important elements of controlled building, office and living space ventilation. Air vents have a tangible presence in rooms. They have a decisive impact on the feel of a space and its overall look.

Tecanno air vents harmonise perfectly with all interior concepts. They combine clear design and effective functionality to meet sophisticated demands.

Our air vents feature impressively high quality design.

Their square shapes and clear design provide versatile design options. Our air vents’ remarkably reticent design makes them exceptional products for individual architectural requirements.

In their language of form and functionality, our air outlets function as design elements within the interplay of architecture, interior design and technology.

Your requirements and visions are our inspiration.

In an ongoing dialogue between Development and Production, we drive new developments and improvements and implement them together with you. Tecanno fuses technology and design. Using synergies to create products with sophisticated forms is our passion.

Our enthusiasm for innovative ideas and their high quality implementation is reflected in our design line air vents.