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Yes. Our air vents have an electrostatic powder coating in the colour RAL 9016-20 (Traffic white). Powder coating in all valid RAL Classic colours from the 840-HR and RAL 841-GL primary standards as well as special coatings such as lacquer are optional for an extra charge. Please feel free to contact us.

Tecanno air vents are made of powder coated sheet steel (coating thickness, approx. 60 μm). Some are refined with a panel made of glass or brushed stainless steel.

Volume flow regulator made of ABS plastic. Filter ring made of ABS plastic with dust filter. Filter class ISO Coarse >30% (DIN EN ISO 16890) (old G2).

The volume flow regulator (10100 or 10125) can be combined with a filter (item no. 30100 or 30125) or can be replaced by a filter insert (item no. 20100 or 20125).

Information about acoustic data and pressure reductions are available here: Downloads.

Yes. Instructions for installation are available here: Downloads.

Our surface-mounted vents are easy to install on ceilings and walls with four screws. The screw holes have a diameter of 4 mm. The distance between the screw holes is approx. 11 cm and 12 cm (vents DN 100) respectively approx. 14,8 cm and 15,8 cm (vents DN 125).

You can get a sample on approval for six weeks free of cost. If you like to keep the sample, we will invoice it. For questions, please contact us.

No. Tecanno design line air vents are elements of controlled living space ventilation for use in all interior spaces.

For best results, clean the air vents with a soft, lint-free cloth or feather duster. Powder coated sheet steel will not rust as long as the coating remains undamaged. It is essential to avoid scratching the vents.

Remove substantial soiling with a mild detergent solution or soap and water. Care for stainless steel parts with a stainless steel cleaning agent. Tecanno products must never come into contact with aggressive substances or liquids (acids, acetone, scouring agents, etc.) or with abrasive agents and cloths such as micro fibre, scouring pads and wire brushes.

Always test whether the cleaning agent is suitable on an area that cannot be seen when the product is installed.

Our recessed vent One Plus can be installed in ceilings and walls without an installation housing. Instructions for installation are available here: Downloads, Recessed Vents, Vent One Plus 100/125.